Pohnpei Soccer Team Song

When the Coyne Airways-Sponsored Pohnpei Soccer Team set out to conquer Guam (or at least to finally win a football match) their story caught the attention of the world.  It gave rise to a bestselling book, a feature length documentary and worldwide media interest.  However, there was one thing clearly missing – a song!  That’s right; every great story requires a soundtrack and every winning football team needs a song and it was left to a new band from Italy (maybe they got their Pohnpei’s mixed up!) to do the business.

  Quad Sun 
   Yuroka Inox & Dubio Dubmaster, AKA "Quad Sun"

The band, Quad Sun, is an “electro-rockstep band” formed in 2011 and they came up with an upbeat song to epitomise the spirit and fun nature of the Pohnpei team after hearing about their heroics on the tour of Guam.

The band is made up of Yuroka Inox and Dubio Dubmaster, who stated there are “proud to release this tribute for the Pohnpei team and population and to participate in this great project".

We think it is sure to energise and inspire the team for their future matches and if nothing else will get them moving a little quicker in training!

So without further ado, here it is, a song for Pohnpei:

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