This page contains information for our customers regarding any special procedures in place at the airports we serve as well as other useful information relating to our operations.


Dual AWB - Gulf Services

Coyne Airways is able to accept cargo at almost any airport worldwide and thanks to our extensive interline partnerships we can move it to final destination on a through Coyne (575) AWB.  This key advantage significantly cuts transit time at our hubs, eliminates transfer charges and gives the customer a single point of contact through Coyne Airways for tracking the entire progress of their shipment from origin to destination.

However in certain circumstances customers may prefer make their own arrangements to bring their cargo to our DXB hub on the AWB of another carrier and transfer to a Coyne 575 AWB for the final leg from DXB to final destination.  For these cases we have special procedures that must be followed to allow for a smooth transfer.  Click below for guidance on the preparation of documentation.

'Dual AWB' Guidance (PDF document, opens in a new window)