Charter Services

We specialise in performing charters that require special attention be it for outsized cargo, dangerous goods or just difficult destinations. Customers turn to us when the job has to be done right, within a timeframe and on budget. One-off charters can be highly demanding and critical to a customer's ability to generate or retain business. Many charter brokers and carriers do not have the experience of dealing with unusual loads and destinations and that is why customers turn to Coyne. With the experience of over 16000 flight sectors behind us, we have the ability to deal with the various problems that arise such as:


- Traffic rights

- Loadability of cargo

- Dangerous goods

- Aircraft availability

- Excessive airport charges

- Less than full load

- Left over freight

Our experience in doing difficult charters means that we are more likely to get you the results you require in the timescale you want. Making sure that our customers have a successful charter experience is a core objective of Coyne Airways.


If you are interested in a Coyne Airways charter solution please contact our charter team:


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7605 6860 (for Worldwide Charters, excluding Middle East)

Tel: +971 4299 3922 (for Middle East Charters)