Multimodal (Sea-Air) Solutions

As well as fast and reliable air freight services from across the globe to our destinations in the Gulf, Coyne Airways is also able to offer customers a multimodal solution where required.  In particular we can offer sea-air solutions, especially useful for leveraging the lower cost of moving goods by sea with the advantage of reaching areas difficult to access by modes other than air.

This service is particularly advantageous for accessing Afghanistan which is increasingly difficult to reach over land.  Through Coyne Airways goods can be brought to Dubai by sea from across the globe from where they can connect to our regular scheduled freighter or charter services into the main military and Forward Operating Bases.  We can also do exactly the same in reverse for goods leaving Afghanistan.

With this seamless service Coyne can arrange retrieval from the port & transportation to the airport, re-documentation and de-stuffing of containers.  If any special permissions are required, e.g. for military cargo, we are experienced in arranging that too.

We have the ability to handle practically all types of special cargo to most destinations, securely and swiftly, including:

Container on aircraft

- Heavy / outsize loads

- Vehicles

- Dangerous goods

- 20 & 40 foot containers


For further details of our Sea-Air services to / from Afghanistan please contact our Dubai office:


Tel: +971 4299 3922