Company Profile & History

Since 1994, Coyne Airways has built a global reputation for providing reliable and secure scheduled cargo services to some of the world’s most difficult to reach destinations.

CEO, Larry Coyne, and his team of multi-lingual air cargo specialists have pioneered routes into the Caucuses, Central Asia, the oil and gas rich Sakhalin Island and, more recently, into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Larry Coyne  

Today, Coyne’s reputation as one of the industry’s most successful ‘solutions providers’ has earned the company a growing client base of international freight forwarders as well as a host of major airline interline partners that make these complex destinations accessible to customers all over the world through Coyne’s hubs in Europe and the Middle East.

The key to the company’s success can be attributed to several factors. Coyne Airways is a neutral service provider with a proven track record for both the reliability and quality of its services and communications. In destinations where local difficulties are a part of everyday life, Coyne Airways’ customers are able to manage their businesses with complete confidence because of Coyne’s local market expertise and contacts, its ability to recover potential delays before they impact the customers’ supply chain and through its open and honest approach.

Since its inception, the company has demonstrated its ability to develop and grow into new markets to meet the needs of the world’s forwarders. In 2004, it initiated freighter operations into Iraq, following this in 2006 with the launch of scheduled services to three destinations in Afghanistan; Kandahar, Bagram and Kabul. In December 2006, Coyne started its first B747-400F operation into the Caspian. All Gulf destinations are now served directly from Dubai with seamless connections from North America, Europe and Asia via the company’s large network of interline partners.

Despite the obvious operational and security issues presented by these difficult markets, Coyne has achieved an enviable reliability record for its customers, enabling them to realize the potential of these emerging markets.

Alongside scheduled services, Coyne also has a thriving and respected charter business to destinations worldwide.


Company Milestones

1994: Coyne Aviation founded by Larry Coyne as a charter broker specialising in the former Soviet states.

1996: Scheduled services into the Caspian region are launched, initially via a hub in Baku which is later moved to Tbilisi. Coyne is the first carrier offering scheduled cargo services from the west into this region.  Coyne Aviation becomes Coyne Airways.

2000: Coyne Airways again plays pioneer, this time with the first scheduled freighter service to the oil rich Sakhalin island in the Russian Far East. Services are operated from Seoul to the capital Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to support oil and gas projects.

2004: Coyne is the first carrier offering scheduled cargo service into post-war Iraq following the end of combat operations with a service to Baghdad, which is later followed by services to Balad, Erbil and Basra.

2005: Coyne Airways opens an office in Dubai to cater for the growing cargo market in the Middle East

2006: Scheduled services are launched into Afghanistan offering connections from around the globe into the key military bases of Bagram and Kandahar.  Services to Camp Bastion and Kabul soon follow.

2006: Boeing 747F services commence from London-Stansted and Cologne-Bonn to Tbilisi, the first scheduled B747 service for Tbilisi Airport.

2009: The first scheduled freighter link between Europe and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan is launched by Coyne Airways offering much needed freighter capacity into this market.

2012: Coyne spreads its wings into Africa, working with regional partners to link the Middle East, North America and Europe with a number of African destinations.

2013: Coyne Airways enters its 20th year of serving challenging destinations with continued services to the Caspian region and expanded operations in the Gulf and Africa