Consultancy Services

Many small or intermediate sized passenger carriers find that their cargo operations are too small to merit taking on a team of cargo specialists but far too important to be ignored.

Coyne Airways can provide a vital service to these airlines by making an assessment of their profit potential and recommending a programme to improve earnings. This can be achieved by a variety of methods including:

- Conducting a study to determine the best strategy to achieve greater profitability;

- Setting up regional freighter services to feed their main routes;

- Routing Coyne freight on client carriers as interline traffic;

- Possibly contracting to manage their entire cargo operation.

In addition to consulting services to other airlines, Coyne also offers its expertise and experience to organisations in other industries who may require expert advice and accurate information relating to air logistics in order to develop or improve their supply chains or effectively plan new projects.

One such example is three recently completed studies for an oil industry consortium who needed an insight into the feasibility of moving oil well equipment at short notice to various countries around the globe.

Using its expertise and experience, Coyne was able to evaluate the most time efficient method of moving the equipment considering a number of constraining factors and make recommendations on the best method of deploying the equipment to meet specific time sensitive objectives.

Coyne has amassed a great deal of experience over the past 19 years in working with carriers in all regions of the world, assisting them in achieving the full profit potential from cargo services.

If you think Coyne can assist with your business, please contact us.