Uralsk, Aktobe and Aksai services continue uninterrupted during runway works

We are pleased to inform our customers that Coyne Airways will continue to serve Uralsk, Aktobe and Aksai through the planned Uralsk airport closure to allow for essential runway upgrade work.

The Uralsk airport closure is due to commence 1st September 2014 and is expected to last until 15th November 2014.

During the closure Uralsk, Aktobe and Aksai will be served by a trucking operation from Atyrau (GUW) beginning 2nd September.

For shipments to these three destinations we kindly request customers to send us copies of the Commercial Invoice and AWB with a consignee contact name and number.

In addition we would ask customers to obtain from the consignee their BIN code (Kazakhstan local taxpayer number) and advise to us.

These should be sent to us by e-mail to Caspian@coyneair.com when available, in advance of flight departing AMS.

Providing these to us should help prevent delays in transiting through GUW.

Thank you for your cooperation.

7C2005  GUW-URA  ETD Tuesday  18.00  ETA  Wednesday 10.00
7C2006  GUW-AKZ   ETD Tuesday  18.00  ETA  Thursday 10.00
7C2007  GUW-AKX  ETD Tuesday   18.00  ETA  Wednesday 18.00

Services to TBS, EVN, BAK, SCO, GUW and ASB remain unchanged.

For any bookings or queries, please contact us at Caspian@coyneair.com or +44 20 7605 6860 or contact your local General Sales Agent.


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