Coyne Airways Boosts North American Presence with Airline Network Services

22 AUGUST 2012

Coyne Airways has strengthened its presence in North America through a special partnership with Airline Network Services. Since August 1, the GSSA's network of offices represents Coyne throughout the United States and Canada.

The agreement gives Coyne Airways full coast-to-coast coverage of the world's largest air cargo market. It opens new opportunities for the niche all cargo operator, as well as the possibility of utilizing capacity on other ANS clients with lift to and from North America to feed into Coyne's network.


"We are excited about this partnership. ANS is a very experienced GSSA and shares our customer focus. We are confident that ANS will give us better reach into the North American market with its coast to coast coverage," commented Larry Coyne, CEO of Coyne Airways.

"ANS is also a truly international company, which fits well with our own culture and our network and clients. We serve largely niche markets, with a variety of quirks and requirements, which needs people who have the necessary understanding and experience," he added.

The partnership brings together two experienced and customer-centric organizations that are poised for growth. Their co-operation transcends the traditional airline-GSSA relationship through a closer arrangement that allows ANS to represent Coyne Airways in a dedicated fashion with greater focus. The airline's own U.S. infrastructure east of the Mississippi centered around its sales and operations team has been integrated into a newly established business unit of ANS that works exclusively for Coyne, with the support of other resources and colleagues from ANS.

"It is a privilege for us to work with Coyne Airways, which is a well-recognized airline led by an innovator," said Jens Tubbesing, president of ANS. "Coyne's unique network and the business segments that it serves give us exposure to areas that we have not been in before."

He added that the creation of a dedicated business unit to concentrate on Coyne Airways' business marks an up and coming business model for the airline-GSSA relationship that is well suited for airlines and markets of a certain size.

To Larry Coyne, the arrangement means a seamless transition from his airline's previous U.S. infrastructure, both in terms of operation and customer service. "To our customers, it is still our own people that they are dealing with, it is still Coyne. Our customers can remain confident that their requests will be handled professionally by knowledgeable and well-informed staff. But now there is broader specialist coverage across the US and Canada," he said.

For booking and information, call toll free in the US: 1-866-434 1617


About Coyne Airways:

Coyne Airways is proud of pioneering freighter operations to "difficult to reach" destinations since 1994, specializing in some of the world’s most challenging markets. Coyne operates scheduled freighter services to the Caspian Sea region, Afghanistan, Iraq and selected destinations in Africa.


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