Soccer coach thanks Coyne Airways for helping to develop 'the beautiful game' on the island of Pohnpei

20 JUNE 2014


Former Pohnpei soccer coach and documentary maker Matthew Conrad has thanked Larry Coyne and Coyne Airways for their support in developing 'the beautiful game' on the Pacific island of Pohnpei during an interview on Australian radio show "Not the Footy Show".


Speaking with host Ashley Morisson, Conrad explained that the support from Coyne Airways was not only beneficial in terms of enabling the team to undertake their tour of Guam, but it would also have a lasting affect on the island.


"What (Larry Coyne) did was incredibly helpful in the short term but monumental in the long term."

"It wasn't just that the team got to go (on tour) to Guam but it got the locals seeing football as sometihng that could lead somewhere and is a viable sport to pursue."

"Coyne Airways will be a name that will live forever on the island of Pohnpei."


California based Conrad is currently working on a feature documentary "The Soccermen" charting Pohnpei's rise from the worst team in the world to match winners.  This is due for release later in 2014 and you can see more about his adventure with fellow coach Paul Watson at


"Not the Footy Show" is a weekly sports radio show that airs every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm on 990am in the Perth metro area "and a little beyond."


To listen to the full interview click the play button below.


For more information about the Coyne Airways sponsorship of the Pohnpei team, visit the dedicated Pohnpei area of our website.


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